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Life Is The Lesson

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The overwhelming majority of accidents that happen in racecar driving are due to driver error. In racecar driving, among the first things they teach you is how to regain control in an out-of-control situation. These same tips can be applied to your own life.

If you go out-of-control, one thing the driver’s manual recommends is to change the line you are currently driving to regain control. If you don’t change the line, it could result in a possible collision with an object you don’t even see. In life, when you feel out of control, change your course. Try something else to regain control – try anything other than what led you to feel out of control initially.

The driving manual also reminds us that if you attempt to turn while braking, a spin will occur. You have to back off of the brakes to avoid the wheels locking. In life, changing course from a complete stop is a slow and sometimes painful process. You should maintain your forward momentum at all costs. People are happiest when they are making progress. If you want to turn or change direction, do it while maintaining your momentum. You are more likely to turn successfully.

One of the first and most important skills they teach you in driving school is how to come out of a spin. They tell you to focus on where you want to go rather than focusing on the wall. If you focus on the wall, you are guaranteed to hit it. If you focus on where you want to go, you will come out of the spin almost effortlessly. Like life, maintain your focus on where you want to go; not where you are. Everything will become more effortless.

Take a lesson from racecar drivers. They take huge risks in pursuit of their goal. They have the skills they need to regain control of their life. They make the slightest corrections that make huge differences in their lives…racing or otherwise.

How can you course correct to regain control?


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