Hi, I'm Tami...

My superpower is leading women to the one moment in their greatest challenge that shows them that they are stronger than they once believed.

We go where others dare not tread. We are a tribe of women who aren’t afraid of real, raw, relevant talk about points of devastation in our lives and want support on their path forward. We talk about divorce, relationships, parenting, work, money, emotional and physical wellness…whatever you need is what we give.


Tami's Table

Tami’s Table is a weekly live stream program that takes you back to the kitchens from your childhood. Each table was the heartbeat of a family – a place to gather, talk, connect and to solve the world’s problems, especially the personal ones.

Tami's Tribe

Tami’s Tribe is a gathering of women who want to remain enlightened and powerful when the structure of everything they know is falling apart, feel free to join us.

Resilience Training

In the face of today’s uncertainty, does your organization have long- and short-term resiliency programs in its annual training curriculum? If not, you must.

Resilient Resources

Daily habits help you build and reinforce resilience consistently. We’re constantly adding ideas and resources for you to pull from.

The interactivity and audience participation are hugely impactful and help to incorporate the information learned. Tami’s communication comes from the heart. She is an absolutely awesome trainer and it’s unbelievable that given her time limitations and family situations, that she still finds the time and space to share such valuable information with us.
- Linda

About Me.

You found me. Now you can exhale. Hi! I’m Tami and I’ve been where you are.

“The rest of my life will be the best part of my life.” – Tami Gaines

You might say the turning point of my life was the day that I went from the boardroom to a hospital room.

Already the mom of two kids, I happily discovered that I was pregnant with twins. That joyful surprise was followed by a shocking ultimatum: my husband said I had to choose between him or the twins. It wasn’t hard to leave my husband, but what followed was a nightmare: I was single, in a horrible divorce, and ended up hospitalized before giving birth to extremely premature twins. There followed more medical issues for my two newborns – during this time, believe it or not, I had to put my 14-year old dog to sleep!

Out of this chaos, I learned that our will is a renewable resource and with the right mindset, you can find the light in every dark moment.

My life is my classroom and I use my own experiences to show women how to restore their power no matter what challenge they’re facing. I developed the Righteous Resilience process to help women grow through their challenges, not just go through them.

My mission is to help women find light in their darkest moments.

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The Wind, the Oak, and the Willow Tree

An oak tree once sprang up on the bank of a river, and the oak tree mocked the willow tree who was her neighbor for being weak and feeble, as it bent with every surge of the water, no matter how light, while the elm tree praised her own stoutness and strength with extravagant words, because for many years the oak tree had remained unshaken by even the most persistent movement of the stream. On one occasion, however, the oak tree snapped from the tremendous violence of the waves and as she was being dragged along by the waters, the willow tree laughed and said: “Why are you abandoning me neighbor? Where is your stoutness now?”

My Resilience Pillars.

Resilient Thinking

How to productively deal with stress and overcome the brain’s natural counter-productive ways of thinking.

Effective Relationships

Strengthening the most important relationships in your life and recognizing ones that don’t serve you – personally and professionally.

Managing Emotions

Emotional resilience requires that you work towards greater self-knowledge. Becoming aware of how you react when stressed helps you gain better control over your emotions.

Building on Strengths

Everyone has positive traits expressed through thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that are universally recognized for the strength that they create in individuals and communities.

I sit at the Edge of the Village

People told stories of a woman who came to us in the darkest moments at the depth of our fear. She told us that we were safe and that the future is possible and powerful. She gave us hope and replaced the darkness with love and light. She helped bring peace to our terrifying thoughts. She also brought humor and song. She changed us that day for we were no longer afraid.

I am gathering a tribe of women who want to remain enlightened and powerful when the structure of everything they know is falling apart, feel free to join us.

Join our Tribe

We want our tribe to connect and communicate in the ways people most prefer.

For some it’s by email, for others it’s over text… sometimes it’s both!

Tami Gabs

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What People Say

We Don't Wait. We Act.

There’s no greater joy than giving back. And there’s no better way to give back than to splash light on women who’ve demonstrated resilience and the organizations that serve them. This is why I’m committed to supporting organizations that serve women in a way that enable them to walk in the direction of their dreams. I also take direct action by donating my time at pro-bono speaking engagements, offering no-cost advice for entrepreneurs and participating in mentorship programs that set young women up for success in all aspects of life.

"I was hanging with my kids in the park when my youngest daughter showed me the acorns she collected. I told her, 'Those aren't acorns, that's a forest waiting to happen!"

- Tami Gaines

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