Tami Gaines
Rebirth of Soul

“It is only in the light of your weakness, that your inner strength can shine”

Tami Gaines


It’s Time to Strengthen Your Resilience Mindset

I’ve had so many WTF moments it’s dizzying. From failed relationships to divorce, parenting challenges, taking hits as an entrepreneur, and facing all sorts of brick walls in Corporate America, adversity and I have a special connection.
Yet, I’ve grown through every challenge and come out stronger on the other side. I can teach you how to do the same thing. I am the leading RESILIENCE TRAINER FOR WOMEN.

My programs change lives.

The Rebirth of Soul School is a 4-step system that you can methodically apply to every aspect of your life. Every high-energy, high-impact program gives you:
  • Tools
  • Inspiration
  • Support
  • Guidance
  • Accountability
Even if your challenge was in the past, you’ll find peace and a path forward. It works by completely reprogramming your thinking, so success and happiness becomes inevitable.
Wouldn’t it be amazing to have a professional coach in your corner who has “been there done that” and whose only job is to make sure you’re successful and happy?

“ All things will move into balance eventually. ”

Be Strong. Be You!

“Sometimes we’re so deep in the struggle that we forget to recognize and acknowledge the moment when hope is restored. If we don’t, the struggle continues.”

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