Telling My Story

by – Writer, speaker, single mother; courageously speaking my truth

SHughes1090_pp-200x300I believe that stories have the power to transform lives. In October 2013, I had the great privilege of telling my story at TedxColumbus. My story about starting over with two children, two months of outstanding mortgage payments, an empty refrigerator, and $120. My story about my then seven-year journey through hard places that brought me face to face with my brokenness, inner pain, and deeply rooted depression. A seven-year journey during which I learned that my brokenness did not make me a victim. Rather, I discovered that through my brokenness I became a wounded healer. A seven-year journey that required me to humble myself, let go of my pride and accept the help that I needed. My seven-year journey during which I experienced seasons of grace, meaning unmerited favor, again and again. Indeed, it was the outpouring of grace that came during some of my darkest moments that sustained and pushed me forward. It was the lessons learned on that seven-year journey that gave me the courage to stand and boldly speak my truth at TedxColumbus2013. My seven-year sojourn taught me that I did not learn the hard and painful lessons for my personal benefit. I learned the lessons to encourage someone else on his or her journey through hard places. And so I tell my story. I believe that our ears possess the innate ability to test the wisdom of words in the same way that the tongue can taste food. So, as I walk my life path I will continue making connections and inspiring others by telling my story. Perhaps my story will impart wisdom from lessons learned. Maybe, my story will emboldened another to courageously speak his or her truth. If nothing else I want my story to remind others that they do not walk alone.

As always be encouraged and empowered.

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