Tami Gaines

I’ve been through an almost unthinkable amount of challenges throughout my life. Yet, I’ve emerged from every one stronger and more prepared for the next. Women from all walks of life have sought out my guidance in navigating their current challenges including: 


Using my life as my classroom, I created a virtual, fully-immersive university, Tami’s Greenhouse, where I teach women how to restore their power no matter what challenge they’re facing. Why a greenhouse? It’s a safe haven. It reduces the accessibility of elements that have the potential to damage or destroy plants. A greenhouse environment reduces exposure to extreme weather and stabilizes the growing environment by controlling the temperature and ensuring soil conditions are ideal for maximum growth. I want to do that for you. Come play in our greenhouse! The conditions are ideal for your personal development and I’ll teach you to grow in the way of the willow not the oak. 


An oak tree sprang up on the bank of a river, and the oak tree mocked the willow tree who was her neighbor for being weak and feeble, as it bent with every surge of the water, no matter how light, while the elm tree praised her own stoutness and strength with extravagant words, because for many years the oak tree had remained unshaken by even the most persistent movement of the stream. On one occasion, however, the oak tree snapped from the tremendous violence of the waves and as she was being dragged along by the waters, the willow tree laughed and said: “Why are you abandoning me neighbor? Where is your stoutness now?” 


At the foundation of every course, is my proprietary Relentless Resilience™ process to help women grow through their challenges, not just go through them. After all… 



The Relentless Resilience™ process was developed out of Tami’s personal experience of living with and working through tremendous challenges in all aspects of her life. Sometimes the hits came together, sometimes alone but they all tried to take her out. She’s still standing because she decided to be as the willow – springing back from adversity stronger than before.Tami will teach you how to do the same. 

Tami put together a simple but comprehensive set of talks, trainings, downloads and workshops to teach you Relentless Resilience skills you’ll need to face your challenges from a position of power. Tami’s 7-step process gives you the tools you need to overcome hardship, reassess challenges and strengthen your inner self.  

Radar Reset

We all have a radar that we follow like the North Star. It clouds our judgement often because it set us back into the same patterns. In this stage we look at resetting our radar by developing self-awareness, self-regulation and overall expectations. Basically, every challenge has one thing in common – you.

R.E.A.L. Reality

We will teach you how to look at your situation as it is. Not better than it is or worse than it is. Just as it is right now. We’ll take a look at your strengths and how they can help you grow through your challenge – not just grow through it. We’ll also talk about your goals. After all, you won’t be in this place forever.

Raw Emotions

Developing a positive mindset, compassion, empathy and forgiveness while going through adversity is tough. We’ll help you with that. We’ll help you manage your emotions, so they don’t manage you.

Become Resilient

This is where we put it to the test. We’ll teach you the Relentless Resilience™️ process which includes amping up your problem-solving skills, cultivating gratitude and avoiding old ways of thinking.

Rituals and Relationships

Old habits die hard. I know that personally. We’re going to weed your relationship garden to get rid of relationships that don’t serve you. We’ll help make you a master communicator, so your relationships are stronger. We’ll even talking about dating after divorce and after 40 years old.

Reinforce Your Resilience

How do you sustain all the great progress you’ve made? You stay the course with us. We’ll help you manage people’s reactions to your “new stronger you”. We’ll help you stay resilient.

Rinse and Repeat

Even when you move through this challenge, there’ll be another right behind it. Life is made to give you hits. Resilience is about getting up every time life knocks you down. We’ll give you the tools to move through every challenge from a place of strength.

Our Relentless Resilience™️ courses are
organized around four pillars:

Resilient Thinking

Effective Relationships

Managing Emotions

Building on Strengths


Personally or professionally, coaching with an experienced and intuitive professional will enhance your chances of success on your journey.  Tami’s been in and around the executive suite her entire career and has been a successful entrepreneur since she was 11 years old! Her professional experience combined with her real life challenges led to her own move toward becoming more resilient.  

Small group masterminds and individualized resilience coaching helps you refine specific skills and develop strategies to help you become more resilient when faced with any situation. Our coaching programs help you transition from powerlessness to powerful. Together we’ll create a plan that puts you on the road to personal mastery in all aspects of your life. 

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