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A Lens of Optimism After Adversity

Megan Snedden has a powerful story of overcoming almost adversity & using her set back as a set up for a life-changing comeback. Travel journalist & photographer, Megan has captured local lifestyles and adventures in twenty one different countries. Her work regularly appears in such publications as National Geographic Traveler, the Huffington Post & USA Today. Megan is passionate about photography because it helps her view the world through an optimistic lens. A unique perspective on adversity.

Creating Change: New Beginnings

Seta Araz Shahinian shares how to acquire the freedom to create the changes we seek in our lives. Learn the tools you need to invite Spirit to assist you on our journey of growth and evolution. Kick off 2015 with this show and you will assuredly be rewarded for co-creating a blessed and fruitful future life hand-in-hand with God. Visit for a blog recap and for the prayers shared on this show.

Beauty From The Inside Out

Carol Stover is a celebrity make-up artist in demand by politicians, actors, CEOs and even a former Dutchess. Her true art is in helping people discover who they are on the inside, raw at their core and then enhancing that. This show touches on self-esteem, self-worth and putting your best "you" forward.

Ignite Your Potential

LeAura Alderson is no regular baby boomer. She has been saved from personal tragedy twice in her life because of her physical fitness. Her principles of physical fitness can be applied to emotional, mental and spiritual fitness. This show will light and ignite your incredible potential!

Proclaim Yourself Worthy!

Seta Araz Shahinian joins Tami Gaines to talk about your sense of worthiness and adequacy. This show will help you redefine yourself so that you give yourself permission to accept the abundance that God has intended for you..

Your Soul's Mission

Seta Araz Shahinian joins us to discuss the state of your soul. The evolution of your soul is the singular reason for your presence on this planet from birth onwards. Learn how to become consciously aware of your soul's mission and how to perpetuate your soul's evolution and progress, avoiding incurring additional karmic debts, devolving and regres...

Reconciliation..A Path to Hope

Allegra Jordan, featured in USA Today, TEDx and a co-developer of a Google Glass app has taught innovation on 5 continents. Her focus on human flourishing at the edges of life is powerful. She tells stories of people who have every reason to give up but do not. Learn her lessons of forgiveness and reconciliation!

Resolve to Find Happiness Through Grief

Michelle Kennedy, regular contributor to The Huffington Post and went from t.v. anchor to world traveler in an effort to move through the grief of her father's passing to find happiness and a redefined life.

Dabney Porte...Cyber Bullied to Cyber Fab

Dabney Porte, Founder #smgirlfriends, shares her journey to social media fabulous and Rebirth of Soul experience of being cyber-bullied.

Stop the Insanity

Do you keep doing the same thing over and over and expect a different result? Tami Gaines shares her process for putting an end to insanity and her own recent experience of ending insanity in her business and personal life.

Enhancing Your Energetic Structure

The degree to which your energetic structure is fully developed and intact determines the degree to which you are fully functional. Listen to learn about your energy structure, those things that weaken it and how to strengthen it.

Focus & Take Action Toward Success

Chris Manzaris shares his lifelong journey toward financial success and independence from having a boss. From 15 restaurants in NYC to network marketing his story inspires!

It's Not Jail. It's College, Honey

Desiree Trobman's mom once told her while visiting her dad in prison, "Dad's in college". Just one example of how Desiree reframed her life's diversity to go from "threads to riches". A powerful story that is still being written.

Enhancing Your Energy Structure Part II

Your energetic structure is like a series of highways interconnecting you to the universe and all things in between. Join us for Part II of Enhancing Your Energy Structure.

Go From Human to Super-Human

Did you know you have an innate ability to go from human to super-human to get through anything? Learn how to make this transition so that you can achieve your fullest potential.

Overcoming Negative Energies & Entities

Seta Araz Shahinian joins us for e-healing Wednesday and talks about overcoming negativity energy by raising your awareness and understanding of the core of negativity.

Out of Chaos Comes Order...Really?

After 2 weeks of replays, listen to Tami Gaines' crazy last 2 weeks as she pushes to be the change she seeks in her life.

Cancer: Emotions for Prevention

Seta Araz Shahinian joins Tami Gaines to discuss the emotions and beliefs that lead to cancer and ways to deal with the 4 main emotions tied to cancer.


Jackson's Journey

Dave Silva joins Tami Gaines to discuss his battle with Cushing's disease and how his journey now focuses on his 4-month-old grandson who's been diagnosed with life threatening SMA.

Be The Revolution You Seek

Tami Gaines authentically shares her latest personal challenge and uses it as a mean of inspiring you to reach your pure potential. She encourages you to be the revolution you seek in your own life.

Co-Dependency Conquered

Seta Araz Shahinian brings us e-healing Wednesdays with a powerful show on identifying co-dependency and breaking the cycles that have limited you your entire life!

Activating Ascension

Tami Gaines is joined by Dr. Kate Flynn who talks about her Rebirth journey and her book, "Activating Ascension: Living, Healing ' Creating From the Heart."

Rebirth of Soul Year in Review Part II

The celebration continues as Tami Gaines shares more insight from a sampling of her guests from her first year on-air! This is the shortcut to your growth!

Rebirth of Soul Year in Review Part I

Celebrating a year on the air, Tami Gaines reviews key learning from just a handful of her first few guests. Check it out for the cliff notes to growing through your challenges!

Letting Go The Need for Control

With Seta Araz Shahinian, Founder of By letting go of fear and and our misconceived notions of control, we open ourselves to peace and harmony in all aspects of our life.

Stutter Stepping Your Way to Greatness

Guest Myrland Saveur, reknown author, had a stutter that destroyed her emotionally and socially while growing up in Haiti. Writing was the only way to find her true voice and her powerful story will inspire you to take a perceived challenge and turn it into your greatest opportunity.

Accountability...A Key to Achievement

Guest Lauren Stahl has an amazing Rebirth Story that takes her from college to Wall Street to Recovery. That journey has led her to launch Sparkite...being accountable to others has led to her massive success!

Goal Setting & Inspired Action

Tami Gaines shares strategies for setting powerful, achievable goals and then taking inspired action to reach them.

Forgiveness is Self-Love

Forgiving others is liberating, allowing you to reclaim power over your own life. Self-forgiveness validates your own worthiness, permitting you to freely receive what you desire. Forgiveness is a gift for you from yourself. With Seta Araz Shahinian.

The Big A…Anxiety

Tami Gaines shares her thoughts about anxiety – as an emotion that holds us back from so much that we desire in life.  Learn actionable strategies to tame your anxiety and keep moving forward

Self-Sabotage…The Enemy Within

Tami Gaines welcomes Seta Shahinian to discuss self-sabotage and how it prevents us from achieving all we desire.  Learn about active and passive forms of self-sabotage and a prayer to overcome self-limiting behavior.

Broken…A Life Surgically Rebuilt

Eric Giglione blows the doors off The Rebirth of Soul radio show! He shares his journey of being in a life-threatening motorcycle accident and the transformation beyond and so much more…inspiring, instructional and powerful.  You’ll want to listen to this show over and over again.

Snow…Cleansing or Covering:

Tami Gaines shares her ideas about the spirituality of snow; how it changes our perspectives and creates opportunities for expansion.

Self-Love…The Most Important of All

Lisa Lieberman-Wang joins Tami Gaines in discussing self-love and those things that block it.  They discuss self-sabotage, self-worth and removing negativity from your life so you can embrace who you are at this moment.

Mental Toughness by Life & the NFL

Tami Gaines is joined by Billy Taylor and Roman Oben, both former NY Giants Football players who share their experience with overcoming challenges, staying positive and developing mental toughness so that they can face any challenge that comes their way.  Just in time for the Superbowl, this show will give you actionable strategies for growing through any challenge.

NFL…Not For Long

Billy Taylor joins Tami Gaines and talks about his journey from growing up in Texas to his professional NFL career with the Giants, Jets & Raiders and his transformation beyond.


Helena D. Lewis joins Tami Gaines and shares the ultimate Rebirth of Soul Journey.  She lost a sister when she was 4 years old; another brother to Aids; another brother to drugs and then her Mom.  Her story of survival and ultimately, acceptance is moving and drove her to work with HIV patients, substance abusers and the incarcerated. A giving spirit and an amazing sense of humor led her to create a one-woman show “Call Me Crazy: Diary of a Mad Social Worker” which has already won critical acclaim.


Change is difficult but people are always motivated to embrace at the beginning the year.  This amazing show talks about the physicality of change through your look.  Anthony Accola, Founder & Master Stylist at Gumdrop Salon, talks about the spirituality of hair and the difference between drastic change, subtle change and no change.  He’s the hair therapist and you’ll be motivated to make a change.

Self-Love Is The Highest Love:

Seta Araz Shahinian, a facilitator of the healing arts, conduit of Source and the Grace of God, joins Tami Gaines to educate the listeners on the importance of self-love, the consequences of negative thoughts and specific strategies to remind ourselves that we are intrinsically worthy.

Ultimate Rags to Riches Story:

Keith Doyle has lived an extraordinary life.  From growing up in the ghetto to multimillionaire, committed to serving others.  Learn about the values that have driven him, how positivity has shaped his life and how it can change yours.

Living With An Attitude of Gratitude:

When we are faced with extraordinary hardship, living from a place of gratitude seems impossible.  Listen to this show to learn how Tami Gaines maintains and attitude of gratitude in the face of all adversity.

Making Difficult Decision Easier:

Tami Gaines shares her own story of prematurity and divorce and sets the stage for giving tips and strategies for how to make difficult decisions.  This is a great show for anyone who has a looming decision to make.

From Cult to CEO Part II

What an unbelievable end to a journey with Nailah Ellis that started last week.  Last week, Nailah shared her compelling tale of being in a cult for two years.  This week, Nailah talks about her escape to freedom and the launch of Ellis Island Tea! Nailah Ellis is a true entrepreneur with courage and passion.

From a Cult to Successful CEO:

You won’t believe Nailah Ellis’ story of desperation that led to her joining a cult that led to her starting Ellis Island Tea Company.  It was so good that we had to do it in two parts!  Listen to the first part of her journey and tune in on November 6th for Part II.

Overcoming Emotional Roadblocks:

As follow-up to the Rebirth of Soul radio on “forgiveness”, Tami Gaines guides her listeners through specific strategies for overcoming emotional roadblocks.  Listen to both shows and be sure to check out the blog at

Forgiving Is Not Forgetting:

Tami Gaines delivers a powerful show on the importance of forgiveness and strategies you can use to forgive those who’ve hurt you the most.  Listen to this show again and again until you get it – and be sure to read the blog at

It Is What It Is with Rob Henslin:

Rob Henslin, author and speaker, was first diagnosed with leukemia just 6 months after getting married.  He won.  And then 20 years later, the monkey woke up.  Listen to Rob’s compelling story of denial, divorce and rebirth.  You’ll learn how to accept the fact that “it is what it is”.

Knock Out Fear with Jana Flaig:

Jana Flaig, inspirational humorist, author and speaker (and 7 year cancer survivor) joins Tami Gaines on Rebirth of Soul Radio to talk about how she maintained her positivity during her cancer journey; believes that hope is contagious and teaches her strategies for knocking out fear.  Amazing insights!

Parenting When You’re in Crisis:

Listen to  this amazing show with Pat Montgomery, parent and advocate and best selling author of Now You Know What I Know: Parenting Wisdom of a Grandmother and The Patriot Parent: Still the Best Hope for America.  She gives tips for every parent to best their best on their Rebirth of Soul Journey!

Restoring Your Self-Esteem:

When we face challenges, our self-esteem and self-image often takes a hit.  During this show, Tami Gaines gives practical tips for rebuilding your self-esteem so you can move forward powerfully.

Are You Happy?:

It’s a question we ask ourselves and we are asked from other people.  Tami Gaines believes that problems and happiness have no relationship.  Listen in to learn all about happiness and how you can achieve it!

The Power of Prayer During Challenges:

This week’s show with Charese Sailor is a powerful testimony to the power of prayer while going through your challenge.  Listen to Charese tell about her own Rebirth of Soul journey and how prayer helped her.  She also goes toe-to-toe with me on naysayers and gives tips on how to become a prayer warrior.  You can learn from Charese Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings at 6:35am EST and the 2nd Sunday of each month at 9:30pm.  Dial: (424) 203-8400   PIN 865615.

Love Me Enough to Wipe My Ass?:

It’s a pretty simple question but as today’s Rebirth of Radio show demonstrates, it goes much deeper than that.  Listen to my guest Ferlie Almonte talk about her experience with this question.  It’s powerful and thought-provoking.  You can find Ferlie at

A Set Back Is Just A Stutter Step:

If you been knocked down by a seemingly insurmountable challenge and have no idea how to pick yourself up and keep moving, this is the show for you.  Jim Winkler, former Sales Executive turned successful entrepreneur, shares his story of strength in the face of the loss of his son.  He’s transparency and honest advice is priceless.

Find “No Problem” People:

Tami Gaines shares her experience with problem people in her life and gives actionable strategies for dealing with problem people in yours!  Listen to this segment to learn how to identify problem people and use specific strategies to minimize their impact on your life, particularly as you go through your challenges.

Traumedy:  What Can You Laugh At?:

My special guest, Roberta Langella, has been living with HIV/Aids for 33 years; has a history of addiction; has experienced childhood molestation…but somehow, she managed to overcome it all.  She’s found the humor in her greatest tragedies and is now a stand-up comedian.  Trained by the #1 comedic coach in the world, Roberta’s story is not only inspiring, her sense of humor reminds us how important laughter is in the face of challenges.

Resolve to Evolve:

Setting goals during your challenge will help you keep moving forward.  During this show, Tami Gaines teaches her Resolve to Evolve goal setting process.  Be sure to get a paper and pen so you can take note and do the exercises while listening to the show!  By the end of this show, you’ll have a solid plan for setting and achieving goals while you grow through your challenge.

An Eye Toward Moving Forward:

Dr. Cindy Cork, a chemist and internationally known Doctor of Optometry, has spent her life opening other’s eyes to the gift of health.  She battled for her own after her first relationship resulted in getting a sexually transmitted and potentially fatal blood disease.  Using integrated wellness and alternative therapies, Dr. Cindy healed herself.  Years later, she took HUGE steps – 5,000 of them – to save the health of her relationship.  Listen to Dr. Cindy talk about moving on after major setbacks.  Be sure to visit her website and download the Rebirth of Soul green smoothie recipe!

Lessons from a Teenager:

This could have gone any way but take a listen to my interview with my 16-year old daughter.  She talks about the pressures of being a teen (sex, drugs and suicide); society's push to have them achieve more an earlier age; her fight with fear and how she pushes through any challenge.  There are amazing nuggets of information here which remind us all that it's not an "age thang" -- it's simply experience and perspective.  Take a listen and share it with your teens!

From Ruin to Glory:

It took 2 jobs and 16 years to buy and renovate her dream home – the last original beach bungalow in Manasquan, New Jersey – a beautiful beachfront community.  After Hurricane Sandy hit in October 2012, Donna was left with nothing.  She lost her home, her personal belongings and her roots.  Donna Corazza shares her Rebirth of Soul journey – rebuilding literally and physically.
Dona's house before Hurricane Sandy

Dona's house before Hurricane Sandy

Her mantra as she rebuilds

Her mantra as she rebuilds


Resilience Is The Road to Magnificence:

Tami Gaines is joined by Ferlie Almonte, CEO of Ferlilicious Enterprises LLC. Ferlie provides personal transformation products and services and certainly transformed everyone during this show. Her Rebirth of Soul journey includes a divorce, job loss, life threatening illness, new job, new love, a layoff and a widower after just 8 months of marriage. Despite a string of misfortunes, Ferlie was always grateful and resilience is her gift. Listen to this show to learn how to turn your mess into a message for others to follow. You can reach Ferlie at

Trust is the Key to Surrender:

Dr. Jshana Simmons, naturopathic doctor, entrepreneur and life coach, shares her greatest challenge and gave more than I imagined during this interview. With her last pregnancy, she was struck with a severe case of vertigo that left her bed-ridden for 16 weeks – ripping her out of her life and forcing her to evaluate everything that she thought to be true. During the same time, her oldest son had mental health issues, her family’s financial situation spiraled downward and her medical practice all but disappeared. What got her through? Trust. This powerful show has amazing life lessons that will impact you right away!

Stress Busters To Help Your Rebirth of Soul Process:

Stress is a natural outcome of any challenge you're facing. This show teaches you how to increase your Emotional Intelligence & deal with stress.
Article "Emotional Intelligence Is Critical to the Rebirth of Soul Process"--Download here

Emerging From The Darkness:

Valencia Yearwood started her career as a dancer, with the Dance Theatre of Harlem. Her film and television appearances include The Guiding Light, Clockers, Malcolm X, The Cosby Mysteries, and Law and Order. She was a part of the original cast of The Lion King on Broadway. Her Rebirth story is one of faith while facing fear!

Let Down By The One You Held Up:

Stephen Duncanson ( talks about his Rebirth of Soul experience –He sacrificed his lifelong dream of becoming a NYC Police Officer, his marriage and financial position to support his mentor, who was the only father he’d ever really known…only to be let down by him. The emotional and literal upheaval that followed is almost unimaginable. Who has let you down? How do you keep moving forward? This is just powerful.

Life Gives Challenges.  It Always Does:

Tami Gaines lets her audience know that she’s human and is still “in process”.  She discusses her strategies for getting unstuck.  The show also features her interview with Elizabeth Weber, top earner in Market America, philanthropist and role model.  Elizabeth’s story of Rebirth is worth the listen!

Lock Down: Your Jailor Or Counselor:

Powerful show this week with Gian Jones talking about his growth through being at the top of the world, getting incarcerated & his journey to reclaim his life & the bigger vision he has now.

You Are Enough...Right Now:

Tami Gaines explores the concept of “I’m not enough” with Lisa Lieberman-Wang, author of Fine to Fab.  Listen to Lisa’s amazing story of a 13-year battle with bulimia, where it began and how she Rebirthed her experience.

Rebirth of Soul Radio Show Launch:

Tami Gaines launches the Rebirth of Soul radio show on March 27th with a powerful overview of the Rebirth of Soul™ process and her personal story of growing through her challenges.