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Rebirth of Soul radio helps women find the light in their darkest moments by giving them tools to rebirth the soul of every difficult experience.  Together, we find the seeds to plant so our listeners don’t just go through their challenges – they grow through them. Rebirth of the Soul RadioTami Gaines, the host of Rebirth of Soul radio, has proven how individuals and business owners can achieve success from the inside out.  She has been widely recognized as an expert and visionary among national media like The Wall Street Journal and has built an impressive client list that has included The Marriott, Bank of America and The Commonwealth of Virginia.  With an M.B.A. from Columbia University and 25 years as an entrepreneur and executive, Tami could not have foreseen the events that would take her from the board room to the hospital room. Tami believes that our will is a renewable resource and it is by sheer will that she was able to thrive during the most difficult five months of her life during which she found herself: Unexpectedly pregnant with twins; Suddenly single after nearly 12 years of marriage because of the decision to keep them; Confined to a hospital bed for 5 weeks in an effort to maintain the pregnancy; and losing both grandmothers (one just days after the birth of her twins) and her 14-year-old dog during this same period of time.  And then an experienced mother in a new reality, fluctuating between prayer and advocacy for the health of her premature twins, born at only 25 weeks, weighing just over a pound and a half each.  Her daughter spent nearly 4 months in the intensive care unit before coming home.  Her son spent 18 months in intensive care units and a rehabilitation facility before finally coming home, medical technology-dependent yet self-reliant. The twins joined their older sister and brother in a home that had to be spiritually gutted and rebuilt to allow space for forgiveness of and gratitude for the experience so that they could live from a place of faith and self-love. Tami has used the lessons of her personal and professional journeys to restore her power and gain wholeness again.  She expresses her truth in the way she gives context to experiences, takes action, makes decisions, in the people she chooses to surround herself with and the energy that she gives out and lets in.  Her radio show will be one that empowers people to live their greatest lives, despite any challenge facing them. Both practical and inspirational, Rebirth of Soul radio revolutionizes the way people experience unexpected crises.  Tami returns power to those who feel powerless as they go through their challenges by reminding them that “the context that we give our experiences is ultimately our defining story.”

You can listen to Rebirth of Soul radio live on Wednesdays, 10:00am-11:00am EST.

Sponsoring A Show:

The Rebirth of Soul radio show targets women in all life stages, of all backgrounds that are going through or have been through a life challenge.  These women are actively seeking empowering solutions and committed to following The Rebirth of Soul process.  Because of Tami Gaines’ international following, our listeners connect regularly and stay connected to the show and each other.  If you’d like to tap into this desirable market, please click here to review our advertising packages.  We are selective in choosing our sponsors to be sure they support our listeners and give preference to those who are truly adding value to The Rebirth of Soul community.

Being A Guest on Our Show:

Being a guest on The Rebirth of Soul radio show is great for both of us!  We believe that there is an unlimited amount of talent available to help support our mission of helping women grow through their challenges…not just go through them.  If you have a particular expertise that you feel can add value to our show and our listener’s lives, please contact us here.