While most other kids her age were playing dolls, Tami was busy launching her first business – one that would be just the beginning of a lifelong passion for entrepreneurship. It started as a lemonade stand with a selection of flavored lemonade and snacks worthy of Starbucks™, continued with a thriving babysitter placement service and hasn’t ended yet.

Tami’s parents told her to “get good grades. Go to a good school. Get a good job. And stay there forever.” More a student of living than of books, Tami went into advertising but realized that having her own business would require broader experience, contacts and perspective. She returned to school…again. Upon graduation from Columbia’s MBA program, Tami was selected among thousands as 1 of 13 business school graduates to enter Colgate-Palmolive Company’s management training program. She accelerated through the 2-year program in nine months and gained widespread recognition for her ability to identify profitable consumer targets and develop and launch products to meet their needs. Tami was a celebrated employee but was internally frustrated – 2 weeks vacation, small raises, negligible bonuses and the proverbial glass ceiling constantly drove her toward having her own business.

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Tami was recruited to become Director, U.S. Marketing for a 100-year-old multinational company that had recently gone public. During her tenure, she hired, trained and led the company’s first-ever marketing department; promoted their newly launched stock to analysts on Wall Street; identified and negotiated the acquisition of Personal Care Company; changed the corporation’s focus from manufacturing to marketing; and negotiated the first-ever licensed product deal in the HBA shaving category. Despite her success, she was denied raises and promotions based on her age, race and gender. It became obvious that regardless of the corporation, as an employee, her value would always be based on intangibles and she’d never truly share in the monetary results of her efforts. Tami was also pregnant with her first child. The decision was clear – it was time to start her own business, regain control of her future and leave “the man” behind. In 1997, Tami founded G2 Consulting, Inc., that provided strategic thinking to organizations facing growth challenges. Within two years, she counted The Marriott Corporation, Summit Bank (now Bank of America) and the Commonwealth of Virginia among her many clients. In 1999, on the cusp of the Internet Boom, Tami launched a sister company, Digital Hatchery, to provide similar services to early-stage technology companies and corporations’ start-up technology initiatives. This company grew to 20+ full- and part-time employees, boasted more than 60 clients and received extensive print and broadcast media, including The Wall Street Journal’s startupjournal.com, Knowledge Management magazine, Crain’s New York Business and Bloomberg.com. Her long string of successes was halted by the events of September 11th. Within months, all she had built was gone. Years of hard-driving focus and long hours had left her personal life in a shambles and financially ruined. The resulting action plan was to use the lessons and complexity of her personal and professional journeys to restore her power and gain wholeness again. For the last five years, Tami has been exploring the intersection of spirituality and entrepreneurship. Her legacy will be one that empowers entrepreneurs to live their greatest lives – personally and professionally – by unapologetically fusing the two. Tami encourages everyone to develop a “Plan B”, especially before they need it. Stuck? Not sure where to begin? Tried and failed at having your own business? Get in touch with me to schedule a 15 minute conversation that will change your life. (admin@tamigaines.com). Be sure to take a look at our “Growth” page for additional resources.

Tami encourages everyone to develop a “Plan B”, especially before they need it. Stuck? Not sure where to begin? Tried and failed at having your own business? Get in touch with me to schedule a 15 minute conversation that will change your life.


Preemie Parents Foundation

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Credit Card Processing

CCS Brochure_1_Page_1_Image_0001Credit Card Processing:  A very good friend of mine owns this company and, over the last 25 years, has created the ultimate merchant processing program.  They guarantee to reduce your monthly merchant account charges or they’ll pay you $500 in cash!  This is a no risk program and everyone should be accepting credit cards.  Just fax your most recent statement to 888-505-5444 and put “Referred by Tami Gaines” to get V.I.P. treatment!  Questions?  Contact:  Josh Axinn, Relationship Manager at (561) 338-8888 x209 or jaxinn@chargecardsystems.com.

Javita Coffee Company

Javita Coffee Company
Your mind is a garden and anything you plant there will grow…good or bad. My highest recommendation is that you continuously build yourself, your mind and your spirit to stave off the negativity that will undoubtedly creep in – especially when you are in a vulnerable state. The following links provide fertilizer for your mind!

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