Emotional Intelligence

self.awarenessEmotional Intelligence Is Critical to the Rebirth of Soul Process

The Rebirth of Soul process was developed to help people grow through their challenge, not just go through them.  Being able to take a major life challenge and those people involved in it, and see them both from a new perspective, requires emotional maturity.  This is where Emotional Intelligence (EQ) comes into play.

Many people think “emotions” are a pain.  Some believe that their lives would be better without emotions but the truth is that emotions are a useful source to help make sense and navigate our social environment.

Emotions Serve a Useful Purpose


Using your emotions properly enables you to be more effective in problem-solving, reasoning, decision-making and creative projects.  How we feel influences how we think.

Managing your emotions begins with being able to correctly identify the emotions that you are experiencing at any given time.  For example, jealousy and sadness are two very different emotions.  Basing your actions on incorrect information is a recipe for disaster.  Being aware of and being able to correctly name other people’s emotions are equally important. 

If you can identify your emotions and those of others correctly, you’ve just conquered the most important purpose of emotions!  Being able to accurately identify your own emotions and those of other’s is critical to building quality interpersonal relationships.

Finally, acknowledging that emotions contain critical information for you to predict and respond to different situations is important to your social success.

Critical Elements to Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is more important than your Intelligence Quotient (IQ) on your Rebirth of Soul journey.  Why?  Because a critical element of moving through your challenge involves relating to other people, managing your emotions and responding properly to theirs.  Emotional Intelligence is comprised of five key skills:

  • Empathy:  Empathy is different from sympathy.  Sympathy leads you to feel sorry for someone.  That emotion doesn’t serve you or the person you feel sorry for.  It simply enables them to do more of what they are doing to make you feel sorry for them!  Empathy is about understanding and acknowledging someone else’s feelings, positions and situation to have a different, more empowered perspective on a situation.
  • Self-Awareness:  Knowing your own strengths and weaknesses; recognizing when you’re having an emotion, naming it correctly and attributing it correctly will set you on a positive course.
  • Self-Regulation/Self-Management:  Your ability to control your impulses or even channel them for good purposes is of paramount importance in your Rebirth journey.  Also, how you manage your reaction to other people is a skill that could take you to another level.
  • Social Skill:  Your ability to build rapport with others and to get them to cooperate by moving them in the direction you desire.
  • Motivation:  Maintaining a sense of passion for something bigger than you is essential.  Being motivated will enable you to focus and stay on target.

Stress Busters to Use on Your Rebirth of Soul Journey

The moment you’ve been waiting for!  Five ways to bust stress now…

  1. Decide to feel better now!  Just make the decision and take action daily to support.
  2. Take care of yourself.  Exercise and good nutrition are important keys to managing stress.
  3. Maintain the right attitude.  Be optimistic and stay in control.  Let go of anger and learn to forgive.
  4. Create the right atmosphere.  Create a soothing area that you can go for a “time out”.
  5. Have healthy habits.  Create supportive morning and evening rituals.