When Audrey approached me about writing a column for Sister Inc. with a focus on network marketing, I jumped on
the opportunity! You see, as business strategist for the last 20+ years, I’ve led or been involved with the launch and
development of dozens of businesses and corporate start-up initiatives. The capital, people, time and risk involved
with starting a business from scratch is completely overwhelming. When I was first introduced to network marketing,
I thought the business model was genius…pure genius.
Business As We Knew It Is No More
Even as I graduated from Columbia Business School, on my way to my long-desired corporate job, I knew that,
ultimately, I’d have to leave and start my own business to really get ahead financially. Within my first few weeks in
corporate, I found myself surrounded by people that were committed to staying in their dead-end jobs, working for
thankless bosses, doing uninspiring work all in the name of just enough salary to get into debt and stay broke.
Thousands of people kiss their families good-bye each morning, commute to their job, work hard and well, bringing
work home when needed and travel if required. They do what they think they need to do get a raise or promotion.
What they don’t realize is that the organization has already established a set of standards by which they measure
your success – and most have nothing to do with your ability.
Sure there are some benefits to having a job. Your company pays for vacations and holidays; health, dental and
vision care for your entire family. They insure your life should you pass while working for them. They completely
outfit your office or workspace and sometimes pay for you to continue your education. In some instances, your
company might provide childcare or an allowance for your car. It’s not such a terrible situation, particularly if your
co-workers are fun. But then there’s the reality of working for corporations today.
While you might be loyal and dedicated to your company, they can’t be loyal to you. Economic, competitive and
investor pressure will always drive their decisions before loyalty to their employees will. And for most people, if they
stopped working, their income would stop. So they keep working. For 35 or 40 years, they keep working, sometimes
at several jobs, with the hope that their savings, pensions, 401(K) plans and social security will be enough to allow
them a comfortable life.
Is it wise to remain committed to an organization that will not provide those things needed for long-term financial
well-being? The old working model will not protect you or your family. To be proactive about your life, you must
examine any opportunity available to take control of your future. Could network marketing be the business for you?
This article is the first in a series that will examine the pros and cons of network marketing, methods for evaluating different business
opportunities and provide training for those already in a network marketing business.

Tami Gaines has more than 20 years hands-on experience as an entrepreneur, trainer and corporate
executive. She also has five years experience in building a successful network marketing organization, and
travels the country teaching others to do the same. Armed with an MBA from Columbia University, invaluable
corporate experience, and having led or been involved with the launch of dozens of companies, Tami has
developed a clear, holistic perspective on the transformational SUCCESS that comes when business and
personal growth are fused. Through presentations, seminars and workshops, Tami has helped thousands of
entrepreneurs come closer to achieving their goals. Tami is the author of The Rebirth of Soul for the Network
Marketer, available at www.tamigaines.com.