30 Days to a New You From the Inside Out

 30 Day Mental Fast

30 day mental fastThe Rebirth of Soul is all about growing through your challenges, not just going through them. With that in mind, it is important that you develop a strong toolbox with strategies and tactics you can draw on to keep moving through your challenge.  This is one that you’ll want to hold onto!

I had the pleasure of training with Jerry Clark in the summer of 2012.  All of his information was outstanding but when I he introduced the concept of the “30 Day Mental Fast”, I knew it was a game changer.  I’ve been faced with a tremendous amount of adversity in the last many years so I already understand the importance of managing your thoughts and keeping negativity at bay.  However, Jerry Clark’s clear system for doing the same is worth sharing.

Be warned – this takes real commitment!  These 30 days could be the most challenging but also the most life-changing 30 days you’ve ever done.  As many people detox their bodies several times a year, the objective of the 30 Day Mental Fast is to gain more focus, clarity and momentum toward achieving your goals.  One of the best outcomes is an internal inspiration to do, be and have more!

Here are the 8-steps that you must follow for 30 Days:

     1. Read a minimum of 15 minutes per day from an inspiring book

Choose topics on personal development in areas that YOU need to work on.  Do you need to develop your mindset, connection to your spirit or just want more success – there’s so many books you can do.  One of my favorite starting books is Think and Grow Rich.  If you read 15 minutes per day, you’ll be done before the end of this first fast.

Click here to download a free copy of Think and Grow Rich.

Click here to see Tami’s entire reading list.

     2. Turn Off The Television for 30 Days

I told you this wouldn’t be easy.  I know that television is a huge part of many people’s lives but turning it off for 30 days will have an incredible impact on your life.  You will be amazed at how much extra time you have to spend with your family, friends and doing those things you love.

If totally turning off the television is unbearable, then at least stop watching the negative programming – the news, reality t.v., soap operas, etc.  Whether you believe it or not, your subconscious mind absorbs everything.  It will start to believe the negative messages that those programs put out and it will have a devastating effect on your mindset.

Turn it off!

     3.  Turn Off the Radio/CD in the Car & Listen to Audios

We spend hours in our car every week.  Make this most of this time by turning your car into a mobile University!  Download audio books on personal development, mindset development, investing – anything positive – and listen to them every day while driving in your car.  You can get through an entire book in 6 hours.  Most people drive more than 6 hours each week so that’s a book a week or 52 books a year!  Now that’s impressive.  Imagine the impact on your life.

Here’s a few free downloads to start with!

     4.  Stop Reading the Newspaper

Almost 95% of the news is bad news.  Bad news attracts readers because it sells and just like watching television, newspapers can have a devastating impact on our subconscious minds.  Believe me, your friends will tell you about any major events that are happening in the world!

     5.  Only Associate with Empowering People

Do your friends and family raise you up with their unending support or do they bring you down with their negativity?  If you surround yourself with people the inspire you to achieve success and reach your goals every step of the way – not just when it’s convenient for them – then you will get whatever you desire sooner.  Other people’s insecurity and negativity will prevent you from reaching your goals.  Mind who you spend time with.

     6.  Drink More Water

Did you know that our bodies need approximately 32 ounces of water per day or just under a quart of water each day to operate at optimal levels.  Our bodies are comprised of over 70% of water and most of live in a state of constant dehydration.  Increase your water intake gradually so that you can reach your goals powerfully.

     7. Walk for 20 Minutes Per Day

For the next 30 days, go for a walk for 20 minutes each day.  Walking is a  great way to increase your circulation, clear your brain, burn fat and reduce stress.  Walking also stimulates your left and right brain to work together so you become more creative.  Bring a pen and paper for those moments of inspiration!

     8. Reflect and Visualize Each Day

Spend 20 minutes each day sitting quietly with eyes closed.  Reflect on all of the greatness that you already have in your life and express gratitude for it. Visualize the amazing future that is yours for the taking.  Picture yourself having already achieved those things you want; places you want to visit; people you want to see; things you want to experience. Create a movie of the life you want to live and put yourself in it as the star.  Keep practicing this daily until you get goose bumps.  Then you know that you’ve mastered the power process of visualization!

If you make a 30-Day commitment to this mental fast, I guarantee your life will never be the same again.  As you know, anything worth having is worth fighting for.

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