Resolve To Evolve Goal Setting Workshop

resolve_300x250How to Master Your Mind to Achieve Your Goals

Be Honest.  Have you ever…
  • Had negative thoughts that impacted positive action?
  • Talked yourself out of your own success?
  • Gone for long periods of time without a current goal statement?
  • Written an uninspiring goal statement?
  • Created goals that you didn’t believe you could achieve?
  • Written goals but had no action plan to achieve them?
  • Set goals that you haven’t achieved?
If any of these situations sound familiar, then the Resolve to Evolve workshop is for you! In this interactive e-course, you will use Tami Gaines’ proven process to reframe your thinking for success in achieving your goals in all areas of your life. We will remove all obstacles to getting what you want! Here’s a sample of the insights you’ll get from the Resolve to Evolve workshop:
  • You’ll gain a new perspective on success…Success leaves clues.  Learn the disciplines you must have to achieve your goals!
  • You’ll learn how to program your mind for success…Attitude precedes altitude.  Soar as high as you’d like when you learn how to consistently program your mind for success!
  • You’ll learn how to move past negativity and challenges...Life happens.  You must act in spite of for true success!
  • You’ll learn how to evaluate and learn from the past…If you don’t know where you’ve been, you’ll have a hard time seeing where you’re going!
  • You’ll learn how to set focused, clear and motivating goals in all areas of your life…That are in alignment and you’ll move mountains to achieve!
  • You’ll learn how to create an action plan to meet those goals…Make the plan, gather the tools and the team you need to get the results you want!
  • Learn how to assess your results, make real-time adjustment and stay on target…You can’t manage what you don’t measure!
This 10-week ecourse comes complete with the Resolve to Evolve E-Book to cement your learning by giving you additional material for each topic and activity. Listen to what these past participants have to say about the Resolve to Evolve workshop:
“…You’ve opened the door to not just thinking about my goals, but to actually achieving them. I’m excited about the tremendous possibilities that lie ahead.  You’ve given me a greater purpose, desire and commitment to stay the course.  Thanks for your inspiration and knowledge.  I know that I will evolve!”Linda S.
“I am amazed at how the Resolve to Evolve workshop has helped me crystallize my goals.  I have struggled for awhile because nothing really moved me to see a real, clear way to achieve these goals.  I loved the ‘mindset’ syndrome and getting beyond the ‘stuff’ that kept me stuck.  I know I have a lot of work to do and I’m now very excited to begin. Thanks so much for putting me on a path to success!”  —B. Mueller
  Tami Gaines’ Resolve to Evolve training is based on her experience with goal development and achievement for the last 15 years.  She’s become known for delivering material in a no-nonsense, interactive and actionable way so you get the most from her training.


(Includes ecourse, workbook and ebook)

 If you can only afford at this time to get the ebook:


"ABSOLUTELY EXCELLENT! The interactivity and audience participation is hugely impactful and helps to effectively incorporate the information learned. Tami's communication comes from the heart. You are an absolutely awesome trainer and it's unbelievable that with time limitations you still find the time and space in your life to share such valuable information with us."--Dawn McKenzie