Life Lessons From The Soil

Life Lessons From The Soil


Your Garden Grows As You Grow

Do you love to garden? Do you find intrinsic joy in watching the fruits of your labor thrive and bloom? Or do you simply love to grow? The Life Lessons from the Soil series is written by Tami C. Gaines and demonstrates her true passion for personal growth. Tami C. Gaines has taken her life-long love of gardening and combined it with her reknown ability to find profound lessons in every experience — no matter what they may be.  This series of breakthrough e-books offer a thoughtful perspective on the simple act of gardening. By the way, these e-books demonstrate that it’s quality not quantity that creates the greatest impact on its readers! In every Life Lessons from the Soil book, you will:
  • Learn how to find simple solutions to life’s most complex problems
  • Learn how to find the greater lessons in every seed you plant and every weed you pull
  • Be inspired by the words of some of the world’s most renown thinkers…who are also gardeners

It’s simple.  It’s gardening.  It’s profound.

  LLFS-garden Life Lessons From the Soil:  Inspiration from the Garden - Fertilizer for the brain    


  llfs-weeding Life Lessons From the Soil:  Weeding Your Garden - Thoughts on toxic relationships  



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Note: Included in each are self-assessment worksheets and homework to help you get the most learning in the shortest amount of time.  

Here's what Readers are saying:

A Review By Spiritual Fiction Books “Life Lessons From The Soil” is the first in a series of books written by Tami Gaines. Ms. Gaines has taken her love of gardening and transformed this love into an easy to follow metaphor of life and how to get the most out of it. The author grew up in the Eastern United States and began her gardening “career” under the loving care of her grandparents. Life is quite similar to gardening. If we are not properly nurtured, taught and loved as children, there is no “gardener” for us to follow later in life. There will also be times when we don’t get everything we want and need right away, so education, patience and persistence will serve us well during those rough times. As most plants will survive for a time without water, we must learn to accumulate our own resources to rely on when they may not be readily available.  I would highly recommend that you read and refer to this book often. Even if you don’t garden, take a look through any public park or building and notice which ones are the most beautiful and appreciated. They will be the ones that are cared for on a consistent basis.”  — Rick Fess,


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