While most other kids her age were playing dolls, Tami was busy launching her first business – one that would be just the beginning of a lifelong passion for entrepreneurship. It started as a lemonade stand with a selection of flavored lemonade and snacks worthy of Starbucks™, continued with a thriving babysitter placement service and hasn’t ended yet. She’s focused on two new ventures.

Tami is the Founder, CEO & Chief Magniac of Alivio Products. Alivio Products is one of the few companies in the world that is totally focused on developing transdermally delivered Magnesium-based mind-body wellness products. The World Health Organization estimated that 75% of adults consume a diet that is deficient in Magnesium. Without Magnesium, your body cannot achieve optimal health. You can learn more here: www.alivioproducts.com

In 2020, Tami became a Founding Member of a brand new shopping club that will disrupt the industry with a brand new model where everyone wins! Through our community, our products, and our rewards plan, we’re on a mission to bring health, happiness and prosperity to people all around the world! You can learn more here: